Tiger Road/Colorado Trail

Parking: From I-70, drive through Frisco on Hwy. 9 and continue south toward Breckenridge for about 5 more miles. Turn left onto Tiger Road (by the Breckenridge Golf Course) and drive up 2.6 miles. Park on the left in a small parking area near a pond containing remains of a historic dredge boat (across the road from a log fence).

Description: Begin riding up Tiger Road. A gradual climb over smooth terrain makes it easy to soak in the splendor of the nearby peaks. This area is in transition. There are some new homes, but also several older buildings remaining from when this valley was bustling with mining activity. Pass several side roads accessing private property. The road narrows, and at about 3.2 miles you reach a three-way junction for the North and South/Middle Forks of the Swan. This ride ends here. To continue farther, follow directions for the Three Forks of the Swan ride.

This was a pretty relaxed ride. There were some rocky, uphill sections that were extremely difficult. There were deep ruts going up to the summit.